Lua is Hawaiian warrior life style. My immediate family spiritually identifies and practices this as a way to navigate life. From my presentation, 99% of Lua is protocol with action. Connecting to Hawaiian consciousness, stewardship, land virtues, family, and community. All uncovered through a consistent lens of martial training, conditioning, healing, and diet in which the tools can be constantly evolving, yet it maintains a certain way of walking through life rooted in Hawaiian beliefs. It is not a static belt based choreography system, and it is certainly not Kenpo or Kajukenbo. Authentic Lua as a battlefield art, is being resurrected by a very small amount of groups in the islands. In the pursuit of creating abundance, warriors resolved conflict through escalating actions: Chant/Prayer (intention), counseling and conflict resolution, plant based medicines and diet, massage or bodywork, and if the situation requires it - martial force. Ending conflict from a healers heart is the path of the warrior.

The ancestors were progressives. Always evolving the tools at hand, and continuously seeking knowledge and setting sail, find, explore, and improve existing methods.


There is not much that can be said on Lua. It must be experienced and trained as a lifestyle and as a conciousness - I really advocate it to be a family practice : ) It is something that cannot necessarily be trained commercially, or separated out from other Hawaiian arts because it draws from the same source. It is truly something that commands a practice and respect of indigenous Hawaiian values and beliefs. For those sincerely interested, the best way to begin, is to start with Lomi Lomi, and Hula. I introduce the connection of practice within my healing fundamentals workshop - the rest is up to you!