Aloha! I'am a constant practitioner of Hawaiian Healing and Lomi Lomi, with over 250+ C.E hours and clinic experience under the best kumu's of our time, Kumu Jeana Iwalani Naluai in Maui, HI. I am continuously learning, and heading for full national certification. I am happy to help as many people as possible within private practice - but I mostly like to work on family and friends! Due to my martial arts experience, I also like to work on athletes and all you modern day warriors :) I am based out of the San Francisco, Bay Area; but will also travel to do out-call sessions. I also teach 4 day immersions to groups or schools interested in learning some of these methods - you can check out the video from our last immersion below.

My work is calibrated individually to specific needs. I use a Hawaiian broad-to-specific approach, which enables the body to allow healing in a non-invasive/non-inflammatory manner, and addresses full mind-body synergy. Lomi techniques enable a multitude of approaches, whether it is general body maintenance and stress relief, rehabilitation, deep-tissue (sports massage), general aches & pains, skeletal alignment and corrections, or assistance with anxiety, depression and emotional well being.


Kumu Jeana Iwalani Naluai 250+C.E - Lineage:
  • Aunty Margaret Machado
  • Aunty Mahilani Poe Poe
  • Maka'ala Yates
  • Rebecca Slavin
  • Papa Sylvester Kepelino
  • Aunty Mary Fragas

  • Hawaiian Lomi Lomi & Hawaiian Healing (250+C.E)
  • Lomi Lomi (massage, bone setting, bodywork)
  • L'au Lapa'au (plant based medicinals, land stewarship)
  • Ho'oponopono (conflict resolution, counseling, spiritual & emotional alignment)
  • Pule & Oli (Hawaiian chant)

  • Kumu Mark Keali'i Ho'omalu

  • Hula
  • Oli (chant)
  • Olelo (language)

  • Kumu Mike Lee

  • Kilo Hoku (Hawaiian constellation and star observation)
  • La'au Lapa'au O Ke Kai (Medicines of the sea)

  • Lomi Lomi can include massage, bone and skeletal alignment, diet, chant/intention setting, counseling, conflict resolution, and spiritual alignment. And, the use of plant based medicinals, land stewardship, harvesting protocol, are also all associated with the practice of Lomi Lomi. My wife is also a therapist with the same training for female therapist preference. We can offer sessions not on the menu below, such as: 4-hand (2 therapist in one session) for tandem flow, hapai (pregnancy-pre/post natal) massage, and hot-stone, and Kua Lua (Hawaiian Back Walking). Please inquire to book any of these specialty services.


    Lomi Lomi is a Hawaiian healing & spiritual practice (protected and recognized for practice under AIRFA - 1978). Lomi has become a popular massage modality seen in various spas across the world! However, many traditionally taught lomi lomi practitioners find it impossible to offer authentic lomi lomi in a spa setting and are unwilling to work in most spas or massage offices. Lomi is best used to serve on the deepest levels for family, friends, and those in need. Serving the right person, at the right time, at the right place, with the right intention all contributes to the healing process. Lomi lomi practitioners may advise clients to mediate external & internal conflicts, adjust diets, contemplate, and engage in other self-help activities usually believed to lie outside the scope of massage in an effort to truly help the clients obtain optimal health. Body, mind, spirit, and lifestyle are all considered interrelated attributes to address. As a therapist, we will meet you at any comfort level! But these attributes are always important to address for a full healing experience.

    The early Polynesian settlers brought their own form of massage and it evolved to become something uniquely Hawaiian. It was practiced by everyone, from child to chief. As an indigenous practice that evolved over hundreds of years in isolated valleys throughout the islands. There are many different "schools" of lomi lomi with different approaches and techniques.

    After American missionaries arrived in 1820 and converted many in the Kingdom of Hawaii to Christianity, various laws prohibited "heathen" worship, and many related Native Hawaiian healing practices. Lomi lomi as part of medical practice went underground. But lomi lomi as restorative massage remained popular not only among the Hawaiians, but among foreign residents and visitors as well. Now, we seek to bring the authentic practices, back to the world.

    Would you like a treatment?




    A 30 minute quick-fix session. Calibrated from light-to-deep preference. Whether you just need a quick fix for some back and neck tension, or if you are in need of deeper work - this is a great choice for those on the run or on limited time.



    A 60-75 minute, custom full-body session for deeper, and more specific work. Designed for athletes, or anyone in need of deeper work! Packaged with a Hawaiian chant to realign your focus and intention, a 10-minute Ho'oponoponoo session for mental & spiritual stamina, custom 108 blend liniments used on bruises, splints, or muscle soreness. Ending with a coconut-lavendar scalp treatment. A true warriors mind-body therapeutic treatment.



    75 minute session, brining two therapists using tandem, flowing, technique in unison, to achieve a deeper more theraputic session. Having 2 therapists, creates a unique feeling of non-stop flow, pressure, and can be great for the "A Type" personality, who may have troubles relaxing with standard massage modality.



    Empower yourself, and community! Learn our unique blend to bring ancient healing back to the warriors & family - Private, group, or school lessons available. We find the healing arts so incredibly important within the martial practice, that we have put together a short program to integrate into your martial arts, or family practice. Learn to help others and connect with a healers heart. For more information, please email and check out our video below!


    Please plan to be ready 10 minutes prior to your scheduled appointment. This allows a window for any traffic, or other issues that could occur. Any late starts will shorten the experience. If you must cancel, you must notify me 24 hours in advance.

    List and let us know any health information to assist in giving you the best experience. If it is your first time, you must fill out my intake form. This is your opportunity to disclose any health issues, or personal preferences. We will use the information provided to give an effective treatment tailored to your comfort.

    Privacy: We take top priority in providing a safe environment. You are welcome to disrobe to your comfort level, keeping your undergarments on or off during your massage session. Draping will be discreet and your privacy adhered to at all times.


    Lomi Lomi uses gliding, rhythm based movements, and long forearm strokes from light to deep to realign the body, improve circulation, and establish balance. The method uses a non-invasive approach, which creates space for the body to open up naturally without pain. This will then allow the body to open space for deeper work including bone-setting and corrections. Pressure can be calibrated from light to deep, and can be accompanied with hot-stones, back-walking, the use of sticks, and more. Advanced work that is not listed, such as hapai (pregnancy massage pre/post natal), kua lua (back walking), skeletal re-alignment, stomach & digestion, face & extremity, and more - for these advanced techniques, please inquire via email.

    Full healing should be generated from a true intention of the patient and therapist - prior to a session, always make sure to look within, and resolve any inner conflicts. Look holistically within yourself - and find mentally, spiritually, and physically what may be a true source of pain in all realms of your life. From this perspective, help yourself to establish a true desire to alleviate that pain. Healing at the highest level, works as a dual communication between your mind and body.