Hailing from Chinatown, San Francisco - 108 is a professional martial arts school that I founded, ran, and taught for 7 years, starting in late 2009 an ending in 2017. Humble beginnings from a rainy Sutro Heights Park group evolved into an expansive martial arts school, and style, professionally teaching people over the past decade. 108 remained entirely independent, holding space and training for the seasoned fighter - or anyone who simply wants to holistically train like a fighter. 108 was well known from traditional counterparts for taking traditional Kung Fu and evolving it with Muay Thai & Dutch Kickboxing methods, igniting an adult-only focused curriculum to focus on combative functionality, and increasing women's participation within traditional arts. Curriculum acquired an expansive catalog of martial validations which evolved over the years, filling in the gaps I saw within traditional kung fu training. 108 saw sold-out status for the final 2 years of operation, before I decided to end the school in 2017 to focus on healing arts and personal projects that will open up a more rounded presentation. If 108 provided the tools for empowerment, self defense, and joy to all who came up through the ranks - then we have done our job! We plan to re-open in a larger location in the near future. For group, private, workshop, or long seminar lessons - please email.


Although 108 was a success, it was ultimately the first step into a much deeper practice, which became increasingly hard for us to teach in a commercial setting and our current space. We are taking some time away to chart the next course, and plan to re-open in a much larger facility, expanding the program to accommodate more hyper-focused training, kids classes, implemenation a healing class, and a re-structure of the belt program to ensure quality ranking.

If you are looking for training, we are consistently teaching workshops around the U.S. for beginners all the way up to seasoned professionals. There may be a few practitioners in your neck of the woods to join a practice group, please email with any interest. If you are looking for our book, you can order directly off of Amazon, under the search: 108 Manual.

Curriculum is based on a catalog of training that I gained over the past 21 years from a variety of lineages. It is a mostly "stand-up" and striking art, rooted in traditional kung fu with modern training and technique from Muay Thai & Dutch Kickboxing to garner modern functionality within MMA. Most recently, I distilled the core curriculum into 10 forms, and 60 validated techniques to make the presentation more efficient. This concentrated version involves traditional stand-up, empty hand, weapons, healing, basic ground, and mental training that will leave the practitioner fluent in self-defense & 108 style. For all other novelty forms, weapons, and more - I will teach these in seminar format.



The method involves basic striking: Kung Fu tech, combined with Muay Thai & Dutch Kickboxing influence with heavy conditioning. Then, beautifully blends elaborate traditional form, specialty techniques & weapons training from kung fu and eastern arts, offering ancient catalogs with hundreds of techniques for a solid movement based solo practice. Bag-work, and sparring then lay ground work for technique validation and effective, real-time self defense training. Internal training is available for those interested, and Zheng Taiji (as presented by Benjamin Lo/Scott Meredith) will be part of the rank advancement. These higher level energy-centric styles within Taiji, & Xing Yi, will ultimately be the pinnacle.


I began martial training at 8 years old, and continue to train today. Experiencing over 10 years of professional teaching experience, with 7 years founding & running the flagship 108 school in San Francisco and garnering a few black belts for a combined 21 years of martial experience. I hold a B.A. in Education & History, is a published writer, entrepreneur, healer, and has worked for major media companies in the past - Above all, I am a dad first. Learn from the best you can - and evolve your art. Martial Instruction includes: Yang Zheng Fu lineage: Zheng Man Qing - Ben Lo - Scott Meredith (Taiji, Bagua, Xing Yi), William C.C. Chen (Taiji), Gordon Feng, Fu Zhong Wen (Taiji), Gurdev Nidar Nihang Singh (Shastarvidya), CSA (Muay Thai, Jiu Jitsu, & MMA), I Chang Ming - Gary Mullins (Kung Fu), NorCal Systema & Scott Meredith (Russian Systema), ISKA (Tae Kwon Do), and many, many more.


Over the years, we have developed practitioners around the world. Looking for a training partner, park-group, or 108 community in your area to train with? Join our private 108 group HERE and unite!